Saturday, March 23, 2019

Visa Prefered Here

A new article out in January 2019 states “Oracle strongly preferred hiring Asian recent graduates almost to the exclusion of qualified available graduates of any other race” Underpaid Minorities, Favored Student Visa Holders
In the eyes of the Labor Department, Oracle’s motivation was guided by the financial bottom-line, not the recruitment of top-class skills.
“These students required work authorization to remain in the United States after graduation. In other words, Oracle overwhelmingly hires workers dependent upon Oracle sponsorship to remain in the United States,” states the complaint.

Indentured servants
Last year, DOL found Cisco Systems engaged in discriminatory practices by passing on native-born American workers in favor of H-1B visa holders and last August the CEO of two Washington State tech companies was arrested on charges he was running a visa-fraud scheme.

This, of course, is bad, but wait, there is more! WOULD YOU BELIEVE, that our government is cracking down on Cisco and Oracle when they do the same thing
Who will watch the watchmen

"So employers are, in effect, encouraged to discriminate against U.S. citizen and green card grads in favor of the foreign ones; these employers would, one would presume, prefer to buy $1 worth of labor for about 92 cents, rather than the full dollar. Meanwhile, the foreign student, knowing that he or she will get the full dollar in wages, might be willing to shave that amount by a few cents per dollar. So every job held by an alien college grad OPT is one that might have gone to an American grad, were not the subsidy in place."
(please read both of these articles on your own, share them)
Meanwhile, conservatives in their infinite wisdom are telling college grads and unemployed factory workers to rent u-hauls and learn to code instead of offering them relief. 
The deck is ACTUALLY stacked against them, they can see it, and you wonder why they are disaffected?
These programs need to be abolished. Any helping hands being extended should not be reaching overseas or over borders, but across our cities and our states.
(This happened in January, at about the same time as Covington. Got no press because the politics were reversed.)

Bald head meanz Nahtzee. She iz cauzing much bad feel. Moar than bad red hat!!
Seriously,bald heads have been a neo Nazis thing since I was a kid,and yet no one is harassing all these bald feminist for wearing hate symbols
Don't wear shaved heads to rallies!!!
Look at that HATE
Her hand is in his face
in which we see the farce that was the media frenzy this weekend

Never Trump in Viewed Through Frank Herbert Lenses

“Create or arouse such unbridled forces and you built carnal fantasies of enormous complexity. You could lead whole populations around by their desires, by their fantasy projections.” 
― Frank Herbert

The left and never trump have done this. Covington is a result
“Democracy is susceptible to being led astray by having scapegoats paraded in front of the electorate. Get the rich, the greedy, the criminals, the stupid leader and so on ad nauseam.” -FH
“the perils of leadership in a species so anxious to be told what to do. How little they knew of what they created by their demands. Leaders made mistakes. And those mistakes, amplified by the numbers who followed without questioning, moved inevitably toward great disasters.”-FH
“Laws to suppress tend to strengthen what they would prohibit. This is the fine point on which all the legal professions of history have based their job security.” /“Surely you know bureaucracies always become voracious aristocracies after they attain commanding power.”-FH
“There are many kinds of ignorance The basest is to follow your own desires without examining them. Sometimes, we do it unconsciously. Hone your sensitivity. Be aware of what you do unconsciously. Always ask: 'When I did that, what was I trying to gain?”-FH

Red hat bad=click$
All of this Never Trump Hate from the left and the right is the bureaucracy attempting to defend itself.

Covington Continued

When asked, they say the child should have walked away.

They also said they were surrounded...not sure how that works.


Contradictory thoughts held simultaneously.

No matter...
They wanted a child when faced with an aggressive display from one of their avatars to eyes downturn around.

They wanted a full-on defeat and submission display.

This is not coexist.
They saw a peaceful smile as too assertive.

They want nothing less than capitulation.

Your ersatz cons agree.
Wearing that hat is a sign of aggression. You didn't submit. You voted counter to their edict.

Your ersatz cons agree.

(Don't wear the hat to a pro-life rally, hell don't wear it to a Trump rally unless you want to be egged, you're just asking for it.)
It is racist because it has to be.

Their cause is good and righteous.

Anything that is opposed to them has to be evil.

The hat symbolizes all that is evil.

Them losing.
Your ersatz cons agree.

The hat represents an official rejection of their Bush/McCain dynasty.

David French Whistles

NRO is so sorry, they've doubled down.

How dare you recognize your kids in these people with your values being torn apart by the mob.
You do realize that Zimmerman's life was inspected and combed through for his shooting Trayvon.

The cop that shot Michael Brown had HIS LIFE inspected and combed through
I mean what is his point?

Kids that participate in a Pro-Life rally DESERVE THIS?
of course, you know what David is doing.

Seeing your sons in Smiling boy or Kavanaugh is a dog whistle.

He is calling you a racist.

He wants you to feel shame and be too afraid to defend your sons against attacks like these
He wants you to think twice next time.

If I defend this person, that nice man at the NRO will write gently chiding reflections on how it's just racist of me to not accept the railroading of innocent people.
Just forget the fact that all the hateful tweets and stories were written from people who saw their enemy in those children.
All the hateful tweets and stories were written from people who saw their enemy in those children.
Repeat that to yourself until you get it

Conservatives Throwing Prolife Catholic Kids Under The Bus For Click$

Who needs the liberal press to needlessly attack students at a pro-life march when we have conservative burdens like these?
he has no children does he?
A kid minding his own business while being corned by an asshole with a drum is the asshole in Stevies little brain
They do not care about you. They do not like you. Quit sucking up to them.
Not content with being spectacularly wrong, she retweeted her wrongness to make sure we all saw how much time she spent being wrong on national TV.
At least have the balls to say why you took it down

and apologize

Weren't they calling for public apologies yesterday?

Not very principled to sneakily take it down and memory hole it

Visa Prefered Here

A new article out in January 2019 states “Oracle strongly preferred hiring Asian recent graduates almost to the exclusion of qualified av...