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Friday, March 23, 2018


Empty words
 empty verses
stupid children
  shouting curses

Must do what
 the babies say
all the bad
 will go away

Hearts of stone
 could only doubt
serious faces
 angry pout

Dancing on
 glowing screens
 puppet teens

There is Freedom in Fire

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

There is Freedom in Fire

There is freedom in fire
  dancing spinning
    wild abandon
cleansing, pure

Burning away the blight of filth and dross

Lighter than air
  the ashes fly high
    to the stars
beyond our grasp

Released from Terrestrial Restraint

There is freedom in fire
  eating feeding
   voracious hunger
clearing paths

Tearing out Thickets of Obstruction

Crumbling to dust
  we step over
   onto highways
previously denied

Unrooted we tumble, stumble then we run

There is freedom in fire


You Had Us at Hello

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

You Had Us at Hello

You Had Us At Hello

By P.B. Rage from USA (More Kurt -- too rad) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

   More than 20 years ago the rock landscape had languished in a sea of regurgitated sameness. Carbon copies. Pretty boy bands that looked like girls singing about Girls Girls Girls. Half naked girls singing about virginity and prayers.

 Thrash metal was scratching the itch that glam could never satisfy. Rap was another venue for expressing angst and becoming quite lucrative, in a way metal was not.

  Edgy and cool was listening to classic rock. Boston, Aerosmith, Triumph were the alternative to the Lipsticked Pretty Boys prancing on MTV.

   The Purple Rain had become a foggy memory, replaced by a long-haired ginger in a bandana snake dancing to a guitar charmer in a top hat. The class of 90 was made of this. The rose that bloomed with a bang soon also faded in a cold November rain, and there we were.

  Our eyes fed upon Alice in Chains. Red Hot chili peppers were trying to get us to put them in us, and some of us were satiated. The rest of us hungered for more spiritual manna in this musical wasteland of pop and rock.

 What new thing could we find to listen to in our apathy and malaise? "Here we are now, entertain us."  "Hello hello hello, how low?"  We were suddenly hearing our decade put in words we never could have found on our own, growled and howled over the pounding high school marching band drum beat.

  We heard the voice in the wilderness saying come as you are, and we covered in mud soaked in bleach opened our ears and minds and souls to this new sound. We were all ugly here, and it was ok. We lit our candles in a daze because we found our Nirvana.

20 (plus) years later we are back in the wilderness and where is our voice? Married, buried. Weiland could tell you but he is not here either. Layne is truly the man in the box.

Our pop-giant killers were slain in fields of poppies.

 Who will be our hero to chase away the twerking, jerking, hordes of circus performers that vie for our attention now? The shallow rivers of saccharine flow from our speakers and earbuds, yet we are starved. A constant repeating parade of boy bands that look like girls singing about girls while naked girls sing about respect and degradation simultaneously.

I do sometimes wish I were that easily amused after all.




Doing Something

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Doing Something

Doing Something

  A sad thing happened the other day: a sad thing, in a sad place, in our sad world. Another sad thing, in a long, neverending list of sad things. This sad thing, in a sad place, far, far away is "The Saddest of All Things" and demands are being put on us to stop all the sadness. We must Do Something.

Marco Rubio gives an impassioned plea to remove Assad during Syria presser: "This goes to the core of who we are."

Marco Rubio speaks at press conference on Syrian War Crimes
Watch more at NBCNews.com

  It's always, WE MUST DO SOMETHING!. Doing Something! is Who We Are. Not Doing Something! is not Who We Are. Look at this Sad Picture!, Do Something!. If you don't Do Something!, there will be more Sad Pictures!, and it will be your fault. 

And, absolutely, the pictures are sad. They are meant to be. This is how propaganda works.

Sad picture, sad parent. We simply have to do something. No, indeed, WE don't. 

  There are many reasons why Doing Something! is worse than doing nothing. Our country, for nearly a century, has been "doing something". The people, now calling for us to "do something", are the very people who hate our country for its years of "doing something".  When we, as a nation, "do something", we are blamed for everything. 

 These people, these countries, do have agency. It is simply not our place to take over for them. Their struggle, while ugly, is not ours to fight for them. We are neither a Superman - a hero to save them from themselves, nor are we Jesus - a wise all-knowing provider of Salvation from on high. Indeed, regarding ourselves as either of those is the height of hubris: we would do well to consider the craftsmanship of our pedestal.

  Finally, and probably, mostly, "Whatever it Takes" is probably a very, very ugly thing. What is the solution to this problem? Our sons and daughters dying, for a confusing cause that no one understands? Dropping bombs, from on high, like gods again? Isn't that why ISIS is angry at us in the first place? Calling action there a national security necessity flies in the face of the evidence that our bombs are why they are bombing us.

 Truman did something: Oh yes, indeed-rightly so- but the people saying WE MUST DO SOMETHING, hate Truman for doing The Something that he did.

 We are being expected to play a parental role ( again hubris) and there is no one side with discernible clean hands. Our choices are ugly; we let them do ugly things to each other or we do ugly things to them, in order to stop them from doing ugly things to each other. Either way, everyone gets mad and decides to do ugly things to us. 

  If sad pictures are not motivation enough, the powers that be-while very disappointed with us-will then remind us, we must fight this battle over there to Keep Us Safe At Home. We will spend billions in a war over there under the guise of National Security-while being afraid to do the bare minimum to stop terrorism here, for fear of offending terrorists. Stopping innocent people from flying here is abusive; bombing them all to hell is just hunky dory.  

  But if  "motive unknown" is the cause of terrorism, how is going to Syria gonna fix it? We can't even say the name of the cause, for fear of offending, but we can bomb the crap out of it?

 We don't know what the hell is going on with our government, but we are sure what is going on in Syria...please... (this our source for what is happening in Syria).

 So you want a smaller government, conservatives? Quit nation building and sending our military everywhere. Liberals, you want a smaller military? I will tell you the same. That, right there, is something you all can reach across the aisle and agree on if you really wanted to. Of course, we know there is more to it: the beast is hungry and it needs to be fed. Our countrymen should be more than it's fodder; blood to grease the machinery.  American citizens are not Marco Rubio's troops for his personal moral crusade.

Fair Share

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Fair Share

Fair Share

  A lot of angst has been expressed over Vice President Pence's tie-breaking vote to defund Planned Parenthood.  The banshee screeches of "How dare MEN to decide what we do with our bodies!!" ironically over the fact that these men have decided that not everyone needs to be funding what goes on with their bodies.

  Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free is an old proverb that recognizes the commodity that is female sexuality. The literal sale of sex is not meant, but instead the social contract of marriage, in which the female historically was provided for in a mutually beneficial relationship. Her needs, her health care, her housing, her medical care, and all costs provided. Women held on to that commodity until the contract was official. Now, thanks to the sexual revolution, women give away, no strings attached, what every man on earth wants. So, indeed, why would he sign up for a lifelong financial burden when he can get those same fleeting benefits for free.

  Of course, modern feminism has declared marriage outdated and patriarchal. Women don't need men, marriage, or family to be successful or happy in their daily lives. They have unchained themselves from the institution and declared themselves free agents, which is all well and good until the bills associated with such freedom start piling up. Suddenly they too, become Henny Pennys, wondering who will pay for their maternity care or prevention. However, will they obtain the magic baby stopping beans, if society won't provide them free of cost?

Which brings us back to the notion of cows.  A cow share agreement is one where consumers of the commodity, in this case, milk, pay a monthly or weekly fee to the owner of the delivery system (cow) of the commodity, for the costs associated with keeping and caring for it. Vet bills, feed, housing, etc, split up evenly among those participating in the share system. The owner of each share obtains a prearranged portion of the milk the animal has produced in that time period. ( selling raw or home pasteurized milk has been outlawed in most areas in the United State, the practice of cow shares is one creative mechanism for getting around restrictions) Since exchanging sex for money is frowned upon ( illegal) I propose the lady in need of funds to pay for the prevention of the products of conception make a similar agreement with those she intends on sharing her bounty  (booty) with.

I agree that it is completely unfair for her to bear this burden alone. My quibble is with the concept that everyone should be on the hook.  A woman should enter into each and every incident of sexual activity with the cost in mind beforehand. No cost sharey, no sex sharey. Simple.as.that.

Bawk Bawk.

Jesus and Chelsea Clinton

Friday, March 17, 2017

Jesus and Chelsea Clinton

  President Trump released his budget draft, and the left has suddenly gotten religion. What Would Jesus Do is no longer gauche, but instead the question dripping from every media pundit's quivering lip? All day on the news, on Twitter, and other social media wealthy busybodies in sackcloth and ashes, crying to the heavens "Who will feed the grannies" upon hearing that the 3% that the fed funds for Meals on Wheels is being targeted for cuts.

  Of course, no national moral crisis is complete without the left's new favorite spokesmodel for righteous living, Chelsea 10 Million Dollar Condo Clinton, piping up on cue. She persists in popping up like a perpetual whack a mole, to dispense trite, moral, cliched wisdom. Did she suggest starting a foundation to raise funds to feed the poor? Ha HA, it's almost like she has never heard of such a thing. Did she organize a charity $30,000 a plate dinner, did she call upon her other trust fund pals and celebrities?

  No, she called upon you. Chelsea Clinton is basing her future political aspirations on her being too miserly or lazy to find private ways to fund these projects. She sees the country as an endless trust fund to be accessed at any time for any need that SHE, and other liberals, deems necessary.

 Our betters need our cash. After her mother and the rest of the media have called half of the country deplorable, suddenly she wants to appeal to our better natures. That's the crappiest part of it. We are all stupid backwoods peasants till the check comes due. Your moral code is a joke to them. Your family values sneered at. Your Jesus religion, archaic, barbarism, until they can use it to control you.

  Jesus did not tell Herod, Pilate or Caesar to feed the poor. He told you to do it. He told the rich man to voluntarily give ALL he had to the poor.  He did not tell them to stump for higher taxes. It's ALMOST amusing to me that people with means insist on ignoring THAT bit. Using your platform to remind me that Jesus says to do such and such for the poor, while you sit on a bundle of your own cash, does not fly. You can be rich and Christian, but you don't get to force others to be charitable in the name of Jesus for you.

  Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's?  Caesar is dead and we have no king.

 The government should not be our training wheels. Learning to ride a bike after riding too long with training wheels to support you, makes it harder to do without. When you see something that needs to be done, do it. Don't lean on the government for it.

Our country is paralyzed to inaction... Who will feed the poor... Well, you Henny Penny.. You will do it.

 Because, damn it, if it's not important enough for you, Famous Person Of Means to do, it sure the hell isn't important enough to force me to do it for you.

Fear is Another Word For Terror

Friday, February 3, 2017

Fear is Another Word For Terror

  "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself," the words of the Democrat saint FDR. Words to inspire hope, in a time of trouble. Reminding the people that there had been worse times in the past, and the nation had overcome. "Nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance" completes the quote. Today, while we live in plenty instead of want, fear is ruling us and ruining us. Fear is paralyzing us into retreating instead of standing boldly.

  Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose (like the great and powerful bard Kris Kristofferson once penned). The left has people petrified into silence and inaction for fear of losing livelihoods. People who have something to lose, like the gainfully employed, fear a pink slip. In today's repressive society, only the unemployed truly have the freedom of speech our founders fought for. The employed cannot speak for fear of being a speaker of hate. This is not a healthy development in our society.

 When the sky seems to be falling, and the world appears to be ending, I have been known to quip " Lenny Bruce is not afraid" (hat tip to REM) For weeks I have watched streets burn in "peaceful protest" of so-called "violent words" and wonder if now, perhaps, Lenny would be. Jerry Seinfeld surely is, and who can blame him. He is not alone.

  College professors are afraid of free thought and free speech as naked emperors should be. Afraid of losing their hold on the impressionable minds of today's naive students. Their jobs, of course, are safe due to tenure. Their teachings can't stand up to basic scrutiny. The emperor not only is naked, but he also has gangrene. Speaking truth to power is now hate speech, and will be met with all the force they can muster ( speech is violence, violence is now speech, they now say).

  The people who demanded we stop using shame as behavior modification because it is demoralizing and hurts self-esteem have now weaponized it. Say goodbye to slut shaming and fat shaming and hello to thought shaming, association shaming, and worst of all, vote shaming. Of all the things that were said to be a threat to our democratic process, vote shaming actually is. It is using peer pressure, financial ruin or threats of violence as intimidation to affect elections, and has potentially a much more chilling effect than "muh Russians". It was so effective in silencing people that much of the media and pundits were shocked on election night. Polls were wrong because people didn't answer, or refused to answer in what they perceived was the wrong way, out of fear of being shamed, or worse.

  The methods of shame and intimidation, in this case, didn't achieve the desired result. Instead of crawling off to inspect the damage and create a new game plan, the left has decided that they will double down. They have moved on from intimidation to punishment and revenge. They have ramped up the rhetoric in the media and on campus. Perpetual protests and riots have wearied even the most die-hard conservative non-Trump supporter. They are marching in the streets chanting No Borders, No Nation. That is not a message to win hearts and minds to your cause. They are marching quixotically against the KKK. They are destroying property, starting fires and bashing skulls to fight Nazis, and they get to decide who fits the bill.

  They declared war on "Nazis". "Nazis" are exempt from the due process of law and are ripe for punching. "Nazi" is identified first as white supremacists, then nationalists then alt-right, then right then Trump supporters, then non-Trump supporters that are just tired of them. You don't want to be called a Nazi, do you? Well, you know what you have to do. It will not be good enough to simply not worship their Satan. You must renounce him and all his works at all times. If not they will call you the bad name. They will make sure you never work again. They will call your boss. They will boycott your job. They will threaten you with violence.  They will use fear and shame to control you. They will do all of this to fight fascism, and will never admit to the irony.

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” G.Orwell "Animal Farm"

If everyone is, no one is.


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