Saturday, March 23, 2019

Homgeneus Hegemony

  Globalism is universal colonialism gussied up. We will all still be vassal states for the ONE UNIVERSAL SOVEREIGN or OLIGARCHY.  IS THIS PROGRESS DOT BUTTERFLY IMAGE?
The UNIVERSAL OLIGARCHY will chew up your resources for the COMMON GOOD of the EMPIRE. Colonialism is BAD, remember. Oh, let's do GLOBALISM instead. All the people clap YAY! WE HAVE BEEN ENLIGHTENED!
Your local flavor will become bland. Only pale pastels. Your red door will not even be painted black, but dull institutional gray. And the people will cheer as the last wall is knocked down and the last sovereign nation is consumed for their sustenance.
It is cannibalism
 The corporate global hegemon is similar to the European global monarchy in many aspects. We have not advanced. I think in most cases the monarchs cared for their subjects/homeland somewhat. There was a charge of caring for and serving one's subjects. The ones who didn't are remembered as bad.

Can't say that for multi-national corps. The oligarchy will be made up of those who are telling MasterCard and Patreon to ban wrong thinkers. Nameless faceless rule us with no charge to care. Corporations are empires, sucking off the fat of the land. Not leaving a speck of grain for the peasants to glean. Barren fields and poisoned water, left in their wake, as they move to better pastures.  This is not sustainable.

Empires at least gave lip service to the promise of "protection" from the competing Empires. Today's empires protect each other from you. The bargain we made for no king was freedom. These new uncrowned kings are enforcing rules on us. Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil according to their definition.
In return for this total submission to their thought control, we get JOBS!!! Not jobs where we live, but jobs in foreign lands (other states). Yes, please let me move across the country, leave kith and kin for you my liege. Let me leave my offspring with strangers for most of the day for you, m'lord.

Thank you, I feel so free.
As for the old "Corporations are people." chestnut- have you ever put a corporation in the Lower of London? The peasants, at least, had an ultimate end to tyranny. Not so our Corporate Overlords, their rule is forever and ever AMEN!

Bow to your new god-queen.
You will convert to their religion by force, or burn.

Your local gods will be forbidden. Your sky god laughed at. Your shepherd god trod upon. Your God of Thunder made a cartoon for the Empire's enjoyment
You will have your WormTongues among you telling you it is pointless to fight it, surrender. Of course, he is paid by the Empire.
or She

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