Saturday, March 23, 2019

Covington Continued

When asked, they say the child should have walked away.

They also said they were surrounded...not sure how that works.


Contradictory thoughts held simultaneously.

No matter...
They wanted a child when faced with an aggressive display from one of their avatars to eyes downturn around.

They wanted a full-on defeat and submission display.

This is not coexist.
They saw a peaceful smile as too assertive.

They want nothing less than capitulation.

Your ersatz cons agree.
Wearing that hat is a sign of aggression. You didn't submit. You voted counter to their edict.

Your ersatz cons agree.

(Don't wear the hat to a pro-life rally, hell don't wear it to a Trump rally unless you want to be egged, you're just asking for it.)
It is racist because it has to be.

Their cause is good and righteous.

Anything that is opposed to them has to be evil.

The hat symbolizes all that is evil.

Them losing.
Your ersatz cons agree.

The hat represents an official rejection of their Bush/McCain dynasty.

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