Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Hand that Feeds Complains

Lol. Even the article notes, they voted Democrat until recently. As their jobs disappeared due to Democrat policies people started voting Republican.

They blame the one who brought them and are looking for an escape.
This is not creepy at all.

"Food comes from" the Democrat party now
I mean, it's right here. Coal was killed by Democrat policy, famously, Obama's policies. People noticed and voted accordingly.

Also,no coal- no coal union, no union - less Democrat voters.
Also, not mentioned, if any refugees or migrants are being housed in these areas, causing the need for services to necessarily rise. (more on that in another post, coming soon)
Uhauls took business owners right out of town right, Kevin? Leaving the most poverty-stricken, as I've pointed out.

Who knew that Uhauls would become a symbol of conservatives.

Not a great look for you guys.
Just like with immigration, the areas are robbed of human capital.
Also, read the replies to the tweets.

They want revenge on these voters for daring to bite the hand that feeds.
But I am sure, "bootstraps you, stupid hicks, nevermind the federal aid that refugees and migrants are receiving from faith-based initiatives started by George Bush" is a winning strategy against "Food comes from the Democrat Party" long term.
Are the Kochs heavily invested in U-haul?

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