Saturday, March 23, 2019

NPC factory

Public Schools only exist to create conformists.  NPCs. 

Kids are not sent to learn. They go to be programmed (coded). They are taught in talking points and sound bites. 

Combine this with mollycoddling that has replaced any sort of discipline and magic happens.

Brainwashed spoiled brats.

Try disagreeing with a child that has always been told they are right.

They will literally gasp.
Stephen Crowder's prove me wrong thing is effective at showing this
They short circuit. They scream, they chant, they cry.

It's easier for them to make you not real. A bot.

It's a defense mechanism.
Media and Hollywood constructed them an Oz, the public school gave them the green lenses.

Your existence breaks the simulation.

They can't cope.
Imagine the dissonance of simultaneously thinking that people who disagree with you are evil, stupid, and don't exist.
Oz wasn't green

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