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Well Who The Hell are You

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Well Who The Hell are You

Well, Who the Hell Are You?

  "But that's not who we are as a country".

  Sloppy, repetitive, and mostly inaccurate platitudes pronounced from on high by our political class, our betters, on both sides of the aisle.

  We should be acutely mindful when top Democrats and Republicans are parading out the exact same talking points, separately, yet somehow seemingly bipartisan on this one important issue. 

  Well, who are we?

  We are a country founded on individual liberty and due process, all of which the same people spouting the above sentiments, want to curtail.

  The very same people saying it is unAmerican to not take in any and every immigrant standing on our doorstep are good with arbitrarily putting citizens on lists and depriving them of free movement. They are also good with taking that list and depriving citizens of their natural right to bear arms, without due process. 

That is not who we are as a country.

  Writs of assistance, general search warrants were a major bone of contention at the time of our independence, so much so that they were prescribed in the constitutions of several states and the Federal Government.  Yet we have Stop and Frisk cheered, NSA instituted, Patriot Acts lauded, and various roadside checkpoints for our own safety, of course.

 That is not who we are as a country.

  We are a country founded on principles of free speech, delivered by free presses. Instead, our press is beholden to the political class, and only print what promotes their worldview. Alternate viewpoints, in the meantime, are labeled hate speech, denialism, and dangerous. Words and speech are labeled violence and are punishable as if they were.

That is not who we are as a country.

  We are a country whose founding document declares that religion is off limits to the federal government.  Instead, we are told by our government that whatever they want to be done is our moral duty to have done. It is our moral duty to have nuns provide birth control. Taking in refugees is the Christian thing to do. Making sure everyone, male and female, has access to abortion is God's work. Baby Jesus in a manger, the 10 Commandments, Christmas Trees, and St. Nickolaus, however, are an affront to common decency and are relegated to the hidden chambers of our homes. 

  That is not who we are as a country.

  Our constitution includes checks and balances separating the co-equal branches of government, with clearly written specifics on who is allowed what powers. We now have President Penphone usurping congressional powers and legislating unilaterally from his desk. 

  That is not who we are as a country.

  Invoking our founders, and our history, when it suits, denying and disparaging them when it doesn't, the political classes are trying to turn it all on its head. They are flogging us with our sacred texts with one hand while lighting them on fire with the other. And we, the people, have given our consent.

  That is not who we are as a country

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