Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Great Romney Speaks

Dear Mittens,
our American intelligence agencies are disgraceful, Mitt. Obama used FISA against you in your campaign you dimwitted tool
Of course, he climbs out of whatever hole he has been hiding in to make a statement

Who the fuck asked you

You are not relevant.

Thanks for Grubering me
Awan brothers? How did the super great intelligence agencies handle them? Didn't they get some silly little money fraud slap on the wrist?

How many known pet wolves have to bite you before you realize their handlers don't care
It's like the Federal Bureaucracy is your crazy ex-boyfriend that beat you and cheated on you and you finally saw through the bullshit and left him, but miss the comfort of being with him, and your boomer dad just said some shit about him now you mad

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