Saturday, March 23, 2019

Democracy Dies in Darkness

The Democrats and the media are effectively killing the GOP's ability to campaign. Maxine Waters and others calling for anyone who is recognizable as a GOP or conservative supporter is free game.
Any hat or t-shirt that shows right-leaning support puts you in physical danger from them.

Any bumper sticker means your car makes your car a target for them.

Any yard sign puts your home and contents at risk from a crazed lefty.
This is how democracy dies.

Afterward, its corpse is paraded around every few years for you to vote for THE Party.
(Ironically I had to change the phrasing on the second tweet to try to keep it unreportable, ie not look like I was advocating for what they were actually doing.,) (this was a tweet thread)
Iraq had elections too, you know. So do many "Democratic Socialist" countries...

Just voting for that second option, can get you killed tho.

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