Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Abandon Hope and Change Course

Abandon Hope and Change Course

I am a firm believer in mutual self-construction.
By which I mean individuals
united in their seclusion.
Conjoined disjointed orphans
Erecting a Solace of Fortitude,
Asylums of Family Disunity
A harmonious cacophony of orchestrated solos
Instrumental temperamental
monumental chorus vocalizing
Individual vision

Feral sheep shepherded astray
by a Piper's dulcet atonement
Promissory sour notes called
Bald-faced ideological ribaldry
Preselected elected offal, officious
Inhumane scentipede
Mentally ill-dressed succession
of public servants self-servicing

Disarmed armada of the disillusioned
flotilla of fools on the Hill
Come sale away with me, indeed
Flotsam jet-setters presiding
Die-er consequences
Pirated copies of declarations
of interdependence.
Anchors aweigh

My country-
 tis for me
Sweet land where things are free
Of me, I'm singing
Land where our fathers sighed
Land where their dreams have died
State of Ship of State, Sinking

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