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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

When They Came For Us, We Had Already Done The Job For Them

  Perhaps it's just me, but the answer to online censorship is not tucking tail and running, but rather the "Hail Hydra" approach. Every account shut down should be met with seven new accounts opening up. What exactly is the benefit in saying "Oh, they might stop me from speaking, so I am going to preemptively shut up"?

  I have been quite flabbergasted at the "Imma gonna quit" crowd. THIS, boys and girls, is why conservatives are losing.  We can't keep our voices if we leave at the first sign of any push back.

 I have a serious problem with a media platform, in an election year, silencing opposition voices. I have an even bigger problem with conservative voices volunteering to pack up and leave.

 We were told that conservative voices weren't wanted in schools.

 So we left.

 We were told conservative voices weren't wanted in Hollywood.

 So we left.

 We were told conservative voices weren't wanted in media.

 So we left

 We were told that conservative voices were not wanted in government

 So we left

 We were told that conservative voices were not wanted on social media.




 Holy crap people,  does NO ONE have to come for us, we just simply, show ourselves out.  How is THAT a strategy for winning?

 In life, the old adage still holds true, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease".  One has to be the squeakiest wheel in this game. And conservatives are still playing "Thank you, Sir, can I have another", with shuffling feet and downturned eyes. Yet, we have the audacity to complain when our congressmen represent us to a T.

 Look, for example, at the fight for a defining core conservative principle, The Right to Life, versus the core defining liberal principle, Abortion on Demand. In the public square, we have screeching liberal women vehemently, unabashedly, marching with vagina hand puppets, even full body costumes, to protest state governments defunding Planned Parenthood being praised as good, wholesome, unobjectionable, righteous even.

 On the other side, women marching solemnly, prayerfully, with actual pictures of aborted babies, being vilified as gross, disgusting, objectionable, inflammatory, accusatory, evil, mean. Do we indeed have the courage of our convictions? Are we still watching, supporting the network that brought us this?  Yes, we are. We politely eat what is put on our plate, and wonder why we keep getting fed garbage.

 College campuses are another ground that we have lost, without a proverbial shot fired. Due process for men accused of heinous crimes is being trampled upon with impunity. We have even had presidential candidates praise this nonsense. Any voice that criticizes is met with accusations of being a rape apologist or worse, an actual rapist. Those words, just like the readily bandied "racist" are effective at melting conservatives like water on a witch. "What a world" indeed. Perhaps there is some merit after all, in the SJW claim that words are violence when the threat of being called names keeps people from speaking their minds.

 If our principles are not important enough for us to stand for them, how do we expect to win hearts and minds? Especially when we have hogtied and gagged ourselves voluntarily. We can not afford to hover outside the window, moping like sad vampires of old, waiting to be invited in. We must boldly go in, as it were, and be ready to verbally stand and defend our hills. Waving a white flag and walking off of them surely is a strategy for a loss.

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