Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Bending a Knee to Baal

Bending a Knee to Baal

Head of lead and feet of clay
Flapping Lips have their say
Brazen idol olden golden
Raised fists are emboldened

Demagoguery war of foggery
Inky stink of word boggery
Unfettered streams of worshipful praise
He will Save us from our malaise

Disparate desperation
calling us to oblation
Bonded bands of warring priests
Calling us to join their feasts

No one can
save you
No one should
save you

New messiahs for social pariahs
just another line of --- liars
Personality overpowers
empty suits empty towers

Overburdened feet of clay
can not help but  give way
Spokesmodel idol fallen idle
Empty revival vain word recital

Led by malevolent benevolence
To our Magnificent irrelevance
We shall avoid the next disaster
By simply electing a better master

He who would
save you
instead will
enslave you

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