Tuesday, November 20, 2018

What They Really Really Want…

Thursday, November 19, 2015

What They Really Really Want…

 “If you don’t do this thing, you are doing what ISIS wants you to do.”

 What kind of twisted mind uses that line as a political goad? The desperate fevered minds of the left, who see the ground they gained over the last part of last century crumble away to dust. People are taking a look behind the curtain and they do not like what they are seeing.

 What ISIS wants is for us to base all our actions or non-actions based on what they want. If we walk about making life choices on what reaction a terrorist organization wants, the terrorist, in fact, have won.
 "I cannot think of a more potent recruitment tool for ISIL than some of the rhetoric coming out of here in the course of this debate," is Obama signaling to the left to continue with the nonsensical talking point they were running with for the past few days. Anything that anyone says or does that they ( the left) do not agree with causes ISIS to gain converts. If you think refugees should be properly vetted, the terrorist win, if you vote Republican, the terrorists win, and so on.

In reality, if you are altering your thinking process based on the opinion of terrorists, the terrorist indeed have won. If your every thought and deed is preceded by What would ISIS want you to do in this situation, ( whether or not you actually do the opposite) they still have controlled you.

 Not only will they have won, they will have won a bloodless coup, solely based on potential casualties.

 This is of course, not to say ISIS does not harm the people that disobey them. They do. We all know they do. But who are they, that they should be obeyed?  

 What does ISIS want? They want us to submit. Approving or disapproving actions according to the wishes of ISIS is submission. Any time you ask yourself “What would ISIS do?” or point to person you do not agree with and accuse them of doing what ISIS wants them to do, you have submitted your thoughts and minds to ISIS.

 Is ISIS going to be the new liberal bogeyman to be used scare unprogressive children into better, more progressive thoughts? It certainly appears that way. ISIL Claus is watching you, sleeping or awake. A new Krampus that, instead of sticks and coal, leaves bombs and bodies. If only you had behaved the way ISIS wanted, ISIS wouldn't had to have punish you.

 The left is losing its tenuous hold on society. The dog whistles are working no longer. The bonds of political correctness are stretching to the point of bursting. Now fear is the weapon of choice to keep the unruly in line.

I will live my life, as should you. Our government should govern, as it should, in our best interests. If our country is threatened, our country should respond to that threat accordingly, without regard to whether or not someone would or would not want us to do that

Originally published by me at the Conservatarian Cudgel

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